Doffing the Hat

Philip Mantle talks UFOs, Alien Life, Abductions, Bob Lazar and the Ariel School Incident

June 25, 2022 Paul Godbold and Philip Mantle Season 1 Episode 4
Doffing the Hat
Philip Mantle talks UFOs, Alien Life, Abductions, Bob Lazar and the Ariel School Incident
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In this episode of Doffing the Hat, we explore the unexplained, particularly UFOs. The guest on the show is Philip Mantle, a Broadcaster, Lecturer and Speaker, Author and Publisher and the UK's foremost UFO investigator. With Ufology being so broad, we couldn't cover every topic we are sure everyone would've had on their wish list, but Paul and Philip did make a darn good effort!

In their 90-minute conversation, they discuss the possibility of alien life visiting earth and Philip's path to becoming the renowned expert he is today. In addition, what the US military might be seeing in the skies in their videos, and whether Bob Lazar's S4 and Area 51 story could be true.

Other topics discussed include how abundant life might be in the universe and the odds. The Ariel School UFO incident, one of the most compelling cases ever to be documented. They also discuss the possibility of government misinformation, what could be behind alien abductions, how to report a UFO sighting and some lesser-known cases backed up by hard-to-dismiss evidence.

Philip Mantle is one of the fathers of modern-day Ufology, and if you are interested in what might be in our skies, under the water and further out in the vastness of space, you're sure to learn from what Philip has to say.

What was life like before UFOs?
The story behind UFO Magazine
What is an average month like for you?
Investigating the Paranormal
The possibility of Alien Life
Is our planet being visited?
The potential different forms of Alien Life
Alien Probes
The Ariel School UFO incident
The US Navy UFO Footage
Disinformation to confuse serious investigations
Thoughts on the Bob Lazar story
What happened at Roswell and at Rendlesham Forest?
How the brain causes people to see what they want to see
How big is the Universe?
Alien Abductions
Books and Screenplays
Is the world ready to be told about the existence of Aliens?
How to file a UFO report