Doffing the Hat

Sifu George Fitzgerald talks about Martial Arts, Black Belts, Greatest Fighters & Self Defence

May 16, 2022 Paul Godbold Season 1 Episode 2
Doffing the Hat
Sifu George Fitzgerald talks about Martial Arts, Black Belts, Greatest Fighters & Self Defence
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Paul Godbold talks to Sifu George Fitzgerald in this episode of Doffing the Hat.

Around the world, labels such as the best martial artist, the world's most dangerous man, and the most formidable fighter are chucked around like confetti. Sifu George is happy to let others lay claim to these titles. As an incredibly modest man, Sif George is content with being known as one of the experts in martial arts.

Over his career that spans almost half a century, Sifu George has earned his incredible seventeen black belts through blood, sweat and tears. His fighting background includes Kung Fu, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Russian Sambo, weapons training, Muay Thai, Judo, and even boxing. He has trained with some of the greatest martial artists of modern times, which has led to long-standing friendships, of which he is incredibly proud.

George, to this day, religiously trains himself alongside offering personal tuition to the rich and famous and even their children. In this conversation, Sifu George, for the first time, tells his complete story and, in doing so, answers many questions from Paul.

In this no holds barred chat, George discusses his upbringing, mental mindset, his self-developed Tang Lung fighting technique, self-defence, influences and dislikes, and interactions with well-known names, including celebrities, martial arts legends and even Bruce Lee's family.

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